Are We a Serious People?

Outsiders play Indians like pawns..They know how easily Indians can be taken in through deception and praise.

Chhatrapati Shivaji is reputed to have said that the British are the most dangerous of enemies because they “kill by tickling”, i.e flattery. After flattering or deceiving their way to victory, other parties then kick and disrespect Indians. What follows is this and this and this

That is the price of our naïve self-involvement (and foolishness in thinking outsiders can save us from ourselves and solve our problems—“white man’s [woman’s] burden?”). And yet still we have not learnt our lesson. Evenings are spent with idiotic, low grade pop culture trash that are poor knock offs of deracinated shows in the North. Ah hah oh ho ani aaduthu paaduthu jeevitham gadipesthaamu. Why? Because “I work hard all day”. Arey baba, just working hard all day doesn’t cut it. You have responsibilities beyond work, to your immediate family, your country (whichever one you are a citizen of), your culture, and mankind itself.

People obsess about keeping up with the Jones’ and living the good life—not understanding what the good life really is. It is one thing to enjoy a good party once in a while and appreciate the finer things in life; however, this must be balanced with the notion of being a good and informed citizen. But how many of us are?  Aadedhi Paadedhi, shatruvu vachinaapudu “geee bhaa” ani aricheydhi. Andukey alochana, buddhi mukhyam.

It is not enough to make a last minute stand at Panipat or Karnal. Unplanned, emotional or last minute action is a surefire way to defeat.

People and leaders must be aware of the enemies’ designs and defeat their strategy even before they set foot on our land or traitors take power. This is the cost of not paying attention..of not being serious.

There is a difference between buddhi and vidyaOur people think the mere gaining of knowledge means they’re great—without having accomplished anything. Accomplishment is derived from wisdom which tells us how to use knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and society-at-large. Indians freely give away their knowledge not realizing that that same knowledge will be used against them.

Instead of trying to be lamer versions of others and also-rans being contemptuously treated  or mocked behind backs by those they imitate, Andhras (and Indians in general) should strive for originality, dignified culture, and virtuous living–then only will we be taken seriously.

Even the Greek thinker Aristotle recognized that the key to happiness is virtuous living. Virtue, or more properly Dharma, is the foundation of our civilization. Indeed, it is the most appropriate name for it, our religion, and our way of life.

To be a serious people, we must recognize that we are affected by and influence more than just our immediate household. We have responsibilities and obligations that transcend our immediate selfish interests. But whom today can even be mentioned in the same breath as Krishna Nayaka or Maharana Pratap? No, rather than sacrificing their wealth and blood for their nation, we have people sacrificing their nation for their wealth and blood.

To be a serious people, we must conduct ourselves with honor and dignity. No system of government–no matter how perfect and democratic– can fulfill its obligations to the people if the governing people themselves become corrupt. In a democracy, the people themselves provide the governing elite and thus must operate with or at least aspire towards these values. As Arun Shourie said, though historically our kings would lead by example, Yatha Raja Tatha Praja, in a democracy it is Yatha Praja Tatha Raja. 

Instead today we have politicians masquerading as honest to mask their incompetence–while smirking all the way to the bank.

Click to see how “honest” minister is new V.K. Menon

In reality, they’ve presided over the single-most corrupt administration in independent India’s history–and have put India at grave risk in the face of two front threats. Merely branding them “honest” doesn’t make them so. Especially when defense scams and tragedies continue unabated.

Instead today we have people  who insult their betters to advance their own delusional ambitions. We have younger brothers (Duryodhanas) who wrongfully feel  entitled to property of their elder brothers (Yudhisthiras), and what’s more, we have Dhritarashtras and Gandharis who instead of correcting or punishing Duryodhana either play Bhishma and cave in  or actively egg on these delusions of grandeur—putting aside or twisting all question of worthiness, competence, and dharma. Thus, parents and grandparents must first correct themselves, then correct the younger generation—that’s what stops internecine and fratricidal warfare that weakens peoples, nations, and civilizations.

To be a serious people, we must understand the difference between Rajniti (politics) and Rajdharma (statecraft). Politics may get you elected or protect your position, but Rajdharma protects the nation and people.

To be a serious people, we must understand who we are, what we face, what we did right, and what we did wrong. This is done through the study of history, high culture (literature & cinema rather than filmi gilmi nonsense),  science, current events, and Dharma. That is the purpose of this site .

Here is an excellent talk by Arun Shourie gaaru discussing what India faces:


You can buy his book here.


Caveat: there are no filmi song and dance sequences—so only serious minds may have the aptitude to listen and understand from start to finish…(for our busy professionals though, it makes for humorous and informative bedtime listening)


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