A tradition of business

Since at least as far back as the Satavahana period, Andhras have had a storied history in commerce. Traditional business communites such as the Komatis and Balijas have long had associations with the srenis (guilds) of India that took Andhra merchants to distant parts of the world.

In the modern era, business success has cut across caste and communities lines to do all Andhras proud.

Business Leaders

Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao-One of India’s largest development conglomerates, the GMR name is most famous in the aviation sector, where a number of ultra-modern Indian airports have been developed under this banner. As chairman of the group, Sri Grandhi has a net worth of $2.6 Billion.

Gunapati Venkata Krishna Reddy-Head of one of Andhra’s largest business conglomerates, GVK group. He owns diversified interests ranging from transportation to hospitality and is another frequently featured on the Forbes’ list of Billionaires.


Kallam Anji Reddy was an Indian pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry and the founder of Dr Reddy’s Labs. He served as Chairman of this flagship company as well as the Dr Reddy’s Foundation (DRF), which is the corporate social responsibility arm of the group. His contributions in pharmaceuticals helped establish India as the major producer of generic drugs (critical in fighting hiv and other terrible diseases around the world). As a result of these accomplishments, the Indian government honored him with a Padma Bushan.

Cherukuri, Ramoji Rao is a well known and respected business mogul from Andhra. He is credited with establashing Hyderabad as a national cinema production destination with his Ramoji Film City. He also the owner of the Eenadu media group, which has diversified interests in the state and country.



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