Happy Ugadi (2015)

From all of us at ACP, in this Manmatha Nama Samvatsara we wish you a happy and prosperous (Telugu) New Year.  Ugadi Subakaankshalu!

Ugadi comes from the Sanskrit term Yuga Adi, or new era.

Typical greetings include: Nutana Samvatsara Subakaankshalu or Ugadi Subakaankshalu.

While the Gujarati calendar celebrates New Year on/around Deepavali, and the Solar Tamil Calendar usually a few weeks after us, the Telugu (and Kannada/Marathi) New Year is based on the sidereal calendar (combination of Lunar, Solar and Stellar positions), and begins on this day.

Today we celebrate the arrival of the year 5117 (Kali Yuga reckoning), which is named  Manmatha (last year was Sri Jaya), in this 28th Chaturyuga of the 7th Manvantara (Vaivasvata) in Sveta Varaha Kalpa.

Here is our Post from last year explaining the Festival and its Traditions in detail.

As you read in our post above, it is customary for Telugu families to hear and review their astrological chart for the year. All our single young women and men should take heart. Due to its interesting name in honor of Kama Deva, this is considered a very auspicious year to get married and many will find a spouse!  Click below to learn more.

Thanks to all our loyal and regular readers for your interest, comments, and support. We look forward to another great year of Preserving and Passing on our wonderful common Culture and Tradition.మన్మథ నామ సంవత్సర శుభాకాంకషాలు! Happy Ugadi!

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