Saamethalu (Telugu Proverbs) 1

Every major language has pithy proverbs or native sayings that communicate wisdom. Often this is done with tongue and cheek references. Telugu is no exception.

The Saametha is an important part of Andhra culture. I thought it would be fun to start off the new year with a few of my favorites below. This will be the first of a running series of proverbs that I will be doing. I have gathered the inaugural sayings from a great site dedicated to Saamethalu.



“Aduvari matalaku arthale verule.”

The words of women have different meanings


“Amma kadupu chustundi, pellam jebu chustundi.”

Mother looks after your stomach, wife looks after your wallet


“Andham annam pettadu.”

Beauty alone doesn’t put food on the table


“Anna daanam kante vidya daanam goppadi”

It is better to give an education than to give food


“Inta gelichi rachha geluvu.”

Win at home and you win outside


“Inti donganu eeshwarudaina pattalaedu.”

When there’s a thief at home, even God can’t catch


“Dikku laeni vaadiki daevudae dikku.”

God can be the only direction for the directionless fellow

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