Saamethalu (Telugu Proverbs) 5


Oorkey raaru mahaanubhaavulu

Great souls do not come without reason

Parigeththi paalu taagay kantey nilabadi neellu thaagadam maylu

It is better to stand and drink water than run while drinking milk

Pandhikemi telusu panneeti viluva?

What does a pig know of perfume

Pelli antae nooraella panta

Marriage is 100 years harvest

Pilli ki bichcham veyadu

So miserly he won’t even feed his cat

Pindi koddhi rotte

Make only as many rotis as you have flour

[Live within your means]

Pitta konchem kootha ghanam

Small bird but chirps sweetly [small child, but big brains]

Potti vaaniki puttedu buddhulu

Short person, but tall talents

Pundu meeda kaaram challinatlu

Rubbing salt [or chili in this case] on wounds

Puvvu puttagaane parimalinchunu

As soon as the flower is born it’s aroma spreads. [a prodigy shows talent at a young age]




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