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Announcement: Tamizh Cultural Portal


As Sankaranthi winds down, here’s the surprise announcement we mentioned in our greeting. Many of you following us on twitter probably already saw, but one of the sharpest minds (and wits) in the dharma blogosphere has just launched our first sister site:

Tamizh Cultural Portal

The Network, Interface, and Database for the Serious Tamizh person.

ACP has long had many readers, followers, and even contributors from non-Telugu parts of India. We even launched Indic Civilizational Portal last year for all Bharatiyas. But TCP marks an important milestone as it provides our neighbor to the south, the wonderful people of Tamil Nadu, a chance to enjoy their own culture as well, while appreciating the Integral Unity they share with us and other parts of India.

Our Tamizh brothers and sisters are more than welcome to continue reading and participating at ACP. But we encourge all of you, Tamizh and non-Tamizh, to check out this site, and not only learn about another region, but encourage cross-pollination as well.

So here’s a Kanuma kanuka from us to you. Happy Sankaranthi!

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“Rudhramadevi” Released!


At long last the long awaited historical drama Rudhramadevi has been released. As this topic deals with our favourite subject, history, we will hold off on doing a Baahubali style review until long after the results are in. We advise movie-goers to moderate expectations. Baahubali was in many ways a sui generis. That is, it was a unique movie with a unique combination of unique inputs at a unique moment in time. So not every movie will be a Baahubali. It was a game-changer not only for the Telugu industry but Indian cinema as a whole. Gunasekhar has personally invested in seeing this long-held dream come to life at tremendous personal expense. It is no easy task to put a story on screen and to meet both the expectations of the masses and the chatterati.

In a way, it’s almost fitting that a movie about a powerful female historical personality is being released on the eve of Dasara. The spirit of Shakti is no stranger to Andhra, as this movie will show. Indeed, it and its title character, are living proof of the important place that women held in our society, not only as contributors and administrators, but even as rulers.

Long time readers may recall our early Post on Rani Rudrama Devi, the greatest Queen of the Telugus. Whether or not this film covers all her historical accomplishments, it finally gives a face and and a vision of what our medieval Kakatiya Kingdom and Royals might have looked like–albeit in requisite CGI format. A culture and people that forget their great historical personalities and their great struggles on behalf of their society condemn themselves to the dustbin. Even if this movie doesn’t fulfill all your expectations, see it just to spark renewed interest (societal and cinematic) in the history, language, achievement, greatness, and above all, culture of the ancient Telugu desa, that was called Andhra.

What’s more, this movie is a memory of the mindset of unity that once existed among all Telugus, in place of selfish and self-destructive bickering. It is a reminder of why, historically, Andhra did not just refer to the coast, but the entire Trilinga desa, and was a term for those from modern Telangana, Rayalaseema, as well as Kosta. Bifurcation has occurred, and we have two states whose separate houses should now be respected. But political division can still preserve cultural unity. This dialogue explains precisely why:

So please go and see this film with the right mindset and right expectations. The director Gunasekhar, put a lot of hard work and time in researching and creating this celluloid endeavour for the people of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Supporting this movie will ensure future Telugu and Bharatiya historical dramas on figures such as Gautamiputra and many others will be able to get the funding they need to meet modern and international film standards. Good luck to Gunasekhar gaaru and his team.

Did you see Rudhramadevi already? Comment below and tell us what you thought!


A Very Indic Independence Day


India turns 68, ACP turns 2….and ICP joins the club!

On this Indian Independence Day, we announce the launch of the Indic Civilizational Portal: the network, interface, and database for the serious Indic person.

Over the course of the past two years, we have received incalculable support from numerous non-Telugu people.  Therefore, we decided to start a web portal for all Bharatiyas, so that they too can learn, teach, and appreciate not only their own regional cultures, but our collective Indic Civilization.

Much like the Republic of India, it is and will be a joint project. We hope all those of you who have commented on and promoted our work will join in our collective task of reviving our native culture and civilization and restoring Dharma. Thank you

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Nepal Earthquake: Relief Funds

Dear Readers,

By now, all of you must be familiar with the terrible tragedy that struck Nepal this  week. The earthquake there shattered lives, buildings, and whole traditions. Given the scale of the destruction and the concomitant impact on the people of Nepal and their traditional culture, please consider donating towards their relief. For those with friends or family stranded in Nepal, here are control room numbers set up by both Telugu states.



Many people lost their lives in Northern India as well. Some of you may be circumspect due to various denominational and other  considerations, and so, we’ve listed the following relief funds below. ACP is not affiliated with these funds. As with all charities, ACP recommends due diligence by givers, but generosity as well. A few rupees, dollars, or yen on your part may go a long way.


We appreciate your support.


The ACP Team

Nepali Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund



Indian Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund


Sri Sathya Sai World Humanitarian Foundation


Scenes from the Disaster

Cyclone Hudhud: Uttarandhra Relief

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Dear Readers,

As you all know, Cyclone Hudhud slammed Northern Andhra Pradesh and neighboring Odisha over the weekend. While casualties were mercifully lower than usual, the devastation has been widespread and severe.

Visakhapatnam in particular has been hit very hard, and will take a lot of time to rebuild. The airport has been damaged, lives have been lost, fishermen and others have lost their livelihoods. Economic losses are estimated to be at least Rs. 10,000 crore.

Immediately below is information on how to donate directly to the AP state fund for cyclone relief (any readers from Odisha are welcome to provide a similar one as well). Please be mindful that many relief organizations have questionable track records, so this is likely the most reliable fund for immediate relief for those affected by (and still suffering from the effects of) the terrible storm. We recommend you verify account information directly via Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s official account and the state government website.

 If you have any other information regarding relief needs, etc., feel free to include in the comments (or email via “contact us”) and we will update this post as needed.

For a benchmark, actors Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan Tej have already announced donations of Rs.50 Lakh and 15 Lakh respectively, and sent essential items like food and water. 500,000 people are in relief camps. Please donate generously.

If you are in the area and would like to volunteer, click on this link for information directly from AP’s Chief Minister. Thank you.


The ACP Team


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Scenes from the Disaster

Cyclone Hudhud before Impact

Damage to Houses

Boats damaged and washed ashore

Airport also suffered damaged

“We Will Rebuild”