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Happy Ugadi (2017)


From all of us at ACP, in this Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara we wish you a happy and prosperous (Telugu) New Year.  Ugadi Subhakaankshalu!

Ugadi comes from the Sanskrit term Yuga Adi, or new era.

Typical greetings include: Nutana Samvatsara Subhakaankshalu or Ugadi Subhakaankshalu.

Today we celebrate the arrival of the year 5119 (Kali Yuga reckoning), which is named  Hevilambi (last year was Durmukhi), in this 28th Chaturyuga of the 7th Manvantara (Vaivasvata) in Sveta Varaha Kalpa.

Here is our Post from 2014 explaining the Festival and its Traditions in detail.


Normally, Ugadi naturally coincides with the Pan-India Yugadi, and notably Gudi Padwa—united Andhra Pradesh’s neighbour to the west, Maharashtra. This year, there was a mild controversy over calendrical dates and the was a 1 day divergence. Here is the explanation.

So whether you celebrated yesterday (along with the rest) or you are enjoying the Utsav today, we wish a happy Hevilambi Samvatsara.

Per tradition, here is the 2017-2017 Hevilambi Samvatsara Panchanga Sravanam.

Thanks to all our loyal and regular readers for your interest, comments, and support. We look forward to another great year of Preserving and Passing on our wonderful common Culture and Tradition.దుర్ముఖి నామ సంవత్సర శుభాకాంకషాలు! Happy Ugadi!

Happy Sankaranthi (2017)


From all of us at ACP, Sankaranthi Subhakankshalu!

Hope you all had a happy Bhogi, will have a happier Sankaranthi, and especially this year, an even happier Kanuma.  Here is our Post from 3 years ago on the festival, and the significance of each day.

This year’s Sankranthi is especially special for the cinematic screening of a certain Satakarni. That’s right, years after we dreamed of a Gautamiputra Satakarni film, a teaser trailer was released, and now the film itself is released this week. Here is the full movie trailer for those of you who just woke up in time for Bhogi.

Bhogi, Sankranthi, Kanuma (and Mukkanuma), here’s hoping you get a chance this weekend to catch this Krish extravaganza…oh & yes, celebrate our Harvest Festival!


Happy Sankaranthi!