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Social Media & the Patriotic Bharatiya

The following Post was composed by £avanya garu. You can follow her on Twitter.

Indian Flag Images-02On average everyone has been into social media for the past 5-6 years. We have seen everything from Desktop sites to android apps, and many people with different mentalities.

And now – What was your first thought if I ask you this question: tell me in one line what is social media” to you ?

Okay everyone has their own answers now. But I am damn sure nothing related to country and patriotism. Is that not true?—at least, for the majority of you?

Sometimes I wonder..okay let me be more specific, every year in August I wonder why there won’t be any major trends until the great day, August 15th, arrives.

All the year, 24/7, we see trends on movies, actors, political scams, or politically biased views by journos. Most of the trends based on love and hatred, either-or, yes-no, left-right…everything except right-wrong.  But not even a meaningful, two day trend on our country… I wonder, nearly 200 years of our Indian struggles, and not one even eligible to be remembered and spoken about for a week at least? 

India Independence is not a simple history subject to be remembered at exams or on just Independence day – it’s a freedom we are enjoying everyday with every breath!!

But here no one speaks, or no one trends, or not even tweets single hashtags. Leave aside the common man, not even self-attested “intellectual” journos or celebrities. There are lot  more topics to spread. There are many leaders to be praised to remind us of their struggles to bring back our beautiful rich country that once was.

Hopefully a single post or single tweet per day is not so tough a task to anyone who visits and spends time in social media everyday.

I assume there is a problem with our education system too in this particular topic.  Patriotism is something to be taught from childhood as a subject. There is much more to teach than just Gandhi & Nehru dynasty in English subjects. And finally just assembling on Independence Day, and declaring holiday by giving chocolates to children, is not enough either. Technology brought many changes in society. And I think its time to change education system of India too.

Coming back to point: Using social media once in a while for good is definitely not a bad idea, friends. We have many browsing sites which gives us information on our fingertips…such as this one!

Patriotism is not just showing up one day; it’s a feeling that should be in our heart, every minute of our heartbeat.

Even we know that trends on silly things like actors or movies are in no way useful to our career or life. And politics are always politics. They became part of our awareness about what’s happening. My opinion does not mean to stop everything and to hold the flag and carry everyday. Just start reading about our freedom fighters or even people today doing good things for the country rather than for the camera . There are not only just fighters, there are leaders and inspirational people who can guide us in our day-to-day lives for good.

I just want to say that –

Social media is a powerful tool which can do good and bad, at our fingertips. Try to use for good. Try to use it responsibly to spread information that might be useful instead of only fun. There are many people doing useful things who need our support now, as they may not be around later. Even if you can’t do something big for Bharat, help those who are!

If you appreciate and Like my idea of posting, hope to see many stories of great freedom fighters in social media this August.

Happy Independence day to every Indian! JAI BHARAT!



Jewelry: Edu Vaaraala

Hello Everybody!!! Velugu Thalli here back from our summer break. We are back with a bang, or I should say, sparkle with this week’s fashion piece: Edu Varaala Jewelry

Edu Vaarala Nagalu, or as I like to call them, Jewelry 7 days a week (in an ideal world, it would 365 days a year 😉 ), is a tradition in Andhra. Women are gifted with a set of necklaces (pattakam), earrings (kammalu), bangles (gaajulu), rings (vungaram), nose rings (mukku pudaka), hair part dangles (papita billa), girdles (vaddaanam), anklets (gajjelu) and arm bracelets (vankeelu)that are harmonious with the astrological significance of each day.

Ladies, take a deep breath. I don’t just mean a ruby bangle for sunday and a pearl bracelet on monday, I mean and entire (head to toe) set of ruby jewelry for sunday, and entire set of pearl jewelry for monday, and so on!!!

…this is basically why this is considered the most upscale and high status class of jewelry. It is a representation of not just wealth and sophistication—but also taste. Because looking good is not just about quantity or price tags, but about refinement. And nothing says refined like the thoughtfully designed and presented Edu Vaaraala class of jewelry. While Navaratna jewelry is practiced in other parts of India, it is the gifting of entire jewelry sets of the same class of gem to the bride for each day that sets it apart.

Like Kasulaperu, the queen of jewelry, Edu Vaaraala is for all ages of Andhra Ladies. Historically, however, they were considered a marker of the aristocracy, especially the royalty. In popular folklore, it is associated with Satyabhama, one of Krishna’s wives.

For some reason Satyabhama is considered the queen of fashion, and is very popular in Andhra (even Deepavali is associated with her adventures with Krishna). She is considered to be very proud, classy, and demanding.

Here is the schedule for it. Enjoy the showcase!

Sunday is Ruby/Kempu (because it’s Lord Surya’s gem). It is related to giving health and long life.

Monday is Pearl/Muthyam (because of Moon, and is pleasant to eyes). This is because Moon influences the mind and makes it steady  to face the tides of life.

Tuesday is Red coral/Pagadam (because it represents Subramanya Swamy who is God of War). This is connected to health and relations. Most notably, it is held in importance because it is deemed to pay off debts and to maintain good relations among siblings.


Tuesday is Catseye gem/Vaiduryam (because it represents Ketu, which is mustard color). This day has a dual association, so two stones can be considered alternatively. Ketu helps with the overcoming of obstacles in general.


Wednesday is Emerald/Marakatham(because the planet Budha represents business/profession and knowledge). This is very important due to the associations and connections between financial success and intelligence/shrewdness.

Thursday is Yellow Zircon/Pushyaraagam (because pasupu (turmeric) represents the Guru, who stands for wisdom). Brihaspati is the ruler of wisdom, as he is preceptor of Devas. Wisdom is naturally connected to marital success, especially for pelli samandhaalu (i.e. matrimonial match).

Friday is Diamond/Vajram (because it represents Sukra who gives Wealth and Romance) This day is most associated with wealth and romance due to Goddess Lakshmi. That is probably why Vajram is the choice for Friday, because, diamond’s are a girl’s best friend 😉 .

Saturday is Sapphire/Neelam (because blue is the color that represents Saturn, or Seni Bhagavaan). Seni bhagavan rules the fates of mankind. If he is favorable, he can make a pauper a prince, or vice versa. His purpose is to make sure people learn their ethical lessons. So they will keep repeating difficult situations until they learn justice. Before he leaves his associated astrological period, he grants favors. Therefore, we all need his anugraham (grace).


Saturday is Hessonite/Gomedhikam (because of the dual association of this day with Rahu, this stone is also considered). Rahu is the master of chaos and unrestrained impulse. Thus, he is also propitiated to ensure our impulses are secure. He is said to favor those who honor Goddess Durga.


So there it is, the famous Edu Vaaraala Nagalu: Andhra Jewelry 7 days a Week!

Hope you enjoyed reading about them, and if you’re a designer, were inspired by them. Til next time!


Gadwal Sarees

Uh oh, quite a bit of controversy these days not only in undivided Andhra, but on ACP 😯 . I will lighten the mood with everyone’s, ok we girls’ favorite topic, fashion! 😎

To recognize the birth this month of India’s 29th state, this week, I will continue  our multi-part Spotlight on Sarees from old Andhra with the fourth installment: Gadwal Sarees.



Gadwal Sarees are from the town of same name in Palamooru district (Mahbubnagar),  Telangana state. If Venkatagiri is luxurious and dignified, then Gadwal is the most impressive saree from Gulti-land. It’s considered a mark of high status.

The brocade weaving skills have been traced by some to Varanasi, though they are said to show no signs of the Banarasi style, and is considered authentically undivided Andhra.  While the cotton typically comes from Bangalore and the gold jari from Surat, it is pure Telangana and Telugu.

The colors are very unique (gacchakayyi rangu you don’t see anywhere–“neither green nor grey” color as shown by model above).


Originally Cotton, Silk and SICO (silk-cotton mix) varieties have been introduced since.

The traditional cotton version had mulberry or tussar in the border, with unbleached cotton. This cotton variety is known to be very breathable, making it ideal for the hot summers of the South.

Older varieties show earth tones (like gacchakayyi above), but brighter contrasting colors are now becoming popular also.

Everyday and Party wear types of Gadwal are common, but it has long had a reputation as a Puja saree, due to being able to be classy, trendy, and traditional all at the same time!


It is known for a distinctive jari pattern. But it’s really weaving pattern of the body of the saree that stands out for its notable squares, created from “an interlocking weft-technique” known as Kuppadam. Motifs such as nemali (peacock) and rudraksa are also very common.

It is maintenance-heavy, as starch is required to retain its crisp look. Copper, silver, and gold tipped jaris are used.

The real genius of the saree is that it has a reputation for weavers to be able to take the full almost 6 meter long saree and fold it to the size of a matchbox!!

The most impressive saree of old Andhra rashtra, Telangana’s Gadwal gets the Velugu Thalli Stamp of approval!!!

Choodaganey Gadwal ani telusu

As soon as you see, You can tell it’s Gadwal!



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Chocolate Balls ( made with Marie Biscuits)

When I was a Kid, ‘Marie Biscuits’ in India were like ‘Oreos’ now in US.  These biscuits with Milk is the best combination. We ( me & my sister) used to eat more biscuits but drink less milk.  Milk was just an excuse to eat these biscuits. 🙂 Now my kids are like that, but in this generation it is Oreos instead of Marie Biscuits.

So today I will be presenting a simple Chocolate Balls recipe made with those Old Generation marie biscuits but comes in fun way to be served for this new generation of kids. The recipe is very simple and quick, only made with 3 main Ingredients and under 15 minutes. Don’t believe?- Check out my Video Recipe then! 🙂

Here is the Detail Recipe:

Marie Gold Biscuits – 1 packet ( 20)

Cocoa Powder – 3 Tbsp ( unsweetened)
Condensed Milk – 1/2 cup ( sweetened)
Mixed Nuts – 1/2 cup ( Optional)


  1. Break the Gold Biscuits and add to mixie Jar, Grind them into fine powder.
  2. Take a wide bowl and Biscuit powder to it, add Cocoa Powder and chopped nuts. Pour Condensed Milk in mix it until it becomes like thick dough. Let it leave for 5 min.
  3. Now the dough will be very thick, take small quantities and roll them in between your palms so that nice circle shape balls forms.
  4. Store them in air tight container, they last good until 4 to 5 days.
Decorate with Coatings:
  1. Optionally you can decorate them with several coatings, to make it interesting for kids. You can coat them in different coatings like Coconut Powder, Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles or Dust them with Cocoa Powder.
  2. Take a bowl and 2 tbsp of condensed milk, take a wide plate and add coconut powder. Dip the ball in Condensed milk and roll it in Coconut Powder until it covers fully.


Do you have any Marie Biscuits memory, Do share with us here!

Will be back soon with another great recipe, until then take care!



Introducing New Blogger: Mythreyi



Hello Everyone,

This is Mythreyi Vattikuti from Yum! Yum! Yum! Food Blog. I am ‘small town girl’ from a small town called Tenali, in coastal area of Andhra Pradesh. I grew most of my childhood in coastal Andhra. Since I was a kid I used like cooking and started my cooking journey with Mixed Fruit Jam. Slowly as I grew up that liking towards cooking became Passion and one fine day I have started drafting my recipes ( for my reference and my next generations) that resulted in Yum! Yum! Yum! Food blog, Now I take it to next level by creating a Yum! Yum! Yum! Recipes You Tube Channel.

Though i have spent my childhood in Tenali, I made most of lifetime memories in college days in Hyderabad, that’s how I got introduced to Hyderabadi Recipes. I used to live in a room with friends means we had a lot of fun ‘Bachelor Cooking’.

Now I am happily married to my Husband Vj and mom of two young and little soldiers ( Abhi and Anvi), living in Frisco (DFW Area) in States. By choice I am a Software Engineer and Scrum Master at Work, but a Whole Hearted Cook that serves Yummy Food to her Family at Home.

Coming to my contribution at ACP, my main focus is going to be Cooking and bringing Yum Yum Yum Recipes to your table. Though I am not a strict vegetarian, most of my recipes are Vegetable based. Making simple and quick recipes with Healthy Ingredients is my specialty. As I am busy working mom, you will get several Rush Time recipes and Kid’s Lunch Box Ideas as well.

Though I am in States from the past 12 years, I love our Culture and Tradition, I still celebrate Telugu Festivals without a miss and most of the times with full-fledged ‘Vindu Bhojanam‘.  At this space, I will bring Andhra Dishes and some more fusion recipes that I make with Western Vegetables that are twisted in Andhra Style.  I hope you will enjoy the recipes and you can always request for a recipe if you have some cravings!

Andhra ante Aaavakaya, mari Guntur ante Gongura.…! Slurp…! makes my mouth water already… so Here I bring Gongura Pachadi for today as my first post that matches with the summer season also! Enjoy!

Gongura Leaves – 1 bunch ( 2 cup of Leaves)

Green Chili – 3
Oil – 1 Tbsp
salt – 1 tsp
Coriander Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Garlic Cloves – 3
Chopped Onion – 2 Tbsp ( optional)

Oil – 1 Tbsp
Red Chili – 1
Chana Dal – 1 tsp
Urad Dal – 1 tsp
Curry leaves – 8
Mustard Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Crushed Corinander Seeds – 1/2 tsp


  1. Pluck the Gongura Leaves from stem and wash them under luke warm water. Heat 1 Tbsp oil in heavy bottom vessel ( I have used my nonstick soup pot).
  2. Add Green Chili and Gongura Leaves. Keep it n medium and let it simmer for 5 min. You will notice the Gongura Leaves becomes soft and you will get sour smell.
  3. Add Garlic and Coriander Seeds and simmer for 2 more min. All the water will be gone and leaves mixture will be dry and soft. Switch off the stove and let it cool completely.
  4. Grind this mixture in small mixie jar along with salt ( while grinding). You don’t have to add any water. Pulsing for few times is enough.
  5. Heat 1 Tbsp of Oil in non-stick pan. Once the oil is hot add Red Chili, Chana Dal, Urad dal, wait until the lentil turn golden color, then add Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves and crushed coriander Seeds.
  6. Add the Gongura Mixture to the pan and stir along with Tempering. Finally add the chopped onions to the mixture and switch off the stove.

Transfer this to a bowl and serve with hot white Rice and Hmmmm, taste slurpyyy superbbb! You can serve this with Vegetable Pulao or Biryani to make it a special combination.

For the Detail Recipe and some Tips you can Check out here: Gongura Pachadi

Hope you have enjoyed knowing about me in my first post,

will be back with more Andhra Recipes soon!