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It is just as important for a culture to break new ground as it is to preserve and perpetuate tradition. This section is oriented towards highlighting emerging trends in Andhra pop culture, fashion, food, business, and leadership. In doing so, dynamism and vibrancy will be restored to an age old culture as it makes its mark in the new millennium.

Fashion Trends

Venkatagiri sarees are considered some of the most soft, opulent, and long lasting. Eye catching and frequently imprinted with golden designs and borders, it truly is the saree of Queens. In fact, they are known to have been patronized by the Velugoti dynasty of Nellore, where it originates.  It is the saree for both the traditional and the trendy.

There are three main varieties of Venkatagiri sarees: Venkatagiri 100, Venkatagiri Pattu, & Venkatagiri Silk.

  • Venkatagiri 100 is the lightest of the three, and so, can be worn year round.
  • Pattu are thread woven, arranged with a Jari border, and incorporate floral motifs.
  • Venkatagiri Silk are a new style that uses the silk techniques originating in the old United Bengal region of historical India. This has become very popular in recent years.


UNM1277-Alluring casual cream venkatagiri cotton pigment gold block printed saree


Iddhi padaharu annalu Andhrula aada bhadachu kattey cheera

“This the marquee saree of the dignified Andhra lady”


Cinema/Drama Trends

Magadheera-This 2009 blockbuster was the first big budget historical epic to utilize state of the art CGI from the same company that worked on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Konidela-Allu Clan has managed to gain national attention with this hit. This trend for better produced, world class film holds great potential not only for Andhra but for the Indian film industry at large. APC looks forward to the Hindi version of Magadheera.

Music Trends

While the growth of various singer shows in India has progressed at a rapid clip and has served national integration purposes, they must also go beyond Bolly/Tollywood. In that sense, the involvement of singers such as S.P. Balasubramanyam garu (India’s most prolific and accomplished playback singer) is a net positive.  The trend of their involvement will hopefully serve to rekindle interest in traditional music as well–which can ultimately be reinvigorated and inspire modern culture.

Dance Tends

Andhra Natyam

In spite of its name, classical dance is a continually evolving art and the rise of Andhra Natyam embodies this. A style distinct from the Kuchipudi tradition, it marries the best of that style and Bharatanatyam to create an increasingly popular classical dance trend in India.

Food Trends

Art Trends

Literature Trends

Business Trends

Green Trends

Community Leaders


1. i4farmers-with the continuing farmer suicide crisis, a determined NRI Andhra family has started a pioneering charity that is attempting to improve the lot of AP’s rythulu. The founders should be feted for their interest in service and supported by fellow Telugus.



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